Milk Allergy: Identifying Hidden Milk Ingredients

Milk Allergy: Identifying Hidden Milk Ingredients

September 01, 2015

Milk allergy children cows( If your child has been diagnosed with milk allergy, you have probably been told to avoid all foods containing milk protein. That is not as easy as it sounds, because milk ingredients are not always clearly identified as such on food labels. For help, refer to the table below, from the book Better Baby Food by registered dietitians Daina Kalnins and Joanne Saab. If any of the words below appears on the label or ingredient list, the food contains milk protein and should not be given to your child.

Milk Allergy Sufferers: Avoid These Ingredients

  • ammonium caseinate
  • calcium caseinate
  • magnesium caseinate
  • potassium caseinate
  • sodium caseinate
  • casein/caseinate
  • rennet cassein
  • curds
  • lactate
  • lactose
  • delactosed/demineralized whey
  • lactoferrin
  • lactoglobulin
  • milk derivative/protein/fat
  • modified milk ingredients
  • hydrolyzed casein
  • hydrolyzed milk protein
  • lactalbumin
  • lactalbumin phosphate
  • whey
  • whey protein concentrate

Written by Sofia Layarda, MPH, RD

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