Calorie Cost of Physical Activity

Calorie Cost of Physical Activity

August 31, 2015

These exercise calorie calculations are based on a 150-pound person. A person who weighs more expends more and a person who weighs less expends less.


Low Intensity: 

Housework100 cal/hour




Medium Intensity: 

Golf (walking) 225cal/hour

Tennis (singles) 275cal/hour

Racquetball 300 cal/hour

Walking (3mph) 300 cal/hour (100cal/mile)

Aerobics 300 cal/hour

Canoeing 300 cal/hour

Exercycle 300 cal/hour (low intensity)

Calisthenics 300 cal/hour

Dancing 325 cal/hour

Cross-country skiing 350 cal hour (2 ? mph-level terrain)



High Intensity: 

Tennis (singles)400 cal/hour (competitive)

Swimming500 cal/hour (400-600cal/mile)

Exercycle650 cal/hour (high intensity)



>Very High Intensity: 

Running 700 cal/hour (7 mph)

Cross-country skiing 800 cal/hour (competitive)

Stair climbing machine 700-900 cal/hour

Walking up the stairs 1050 cal/hour

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