Common Weight Lifting Exercises and Description

Common Weight Lifting Exercises and Description

August 31, 2015

Bench Press Lie down on the bench with shoulders just in back of the bar. Space the hands evenly on the bar. Let the bar down to the chest, and then forcefully push the bar back up to a straight-arm position. Breathe in as the bar is lowered, and exhale as you raise the bar.

Overall benefit: Builds up the front of the chest and back of upper arms.

Muscle involved: Forearm extensors (triceps), arm flexors (pectoralis major, anterior deltoid)


Lat Pull


Kneel directly below the handle with your hands grasping it, arms straight. Forcefully pull the bar down behind the heard.

Overall benefit: Develops the “lats”, which helps give the back the “V-shaped look”.

Muscle involved: Forearm flexors (biceps brachii, brachialis); arm extensors and adductors (latissimus dorsi, posterior deltoid, pectoralis major, teres major).


Two Arm Curl Grasp the bar with palms up and away from body. Standing straight, Forcefully raise hands to chest. Try not to arch the lower back or let the elbows drive backwards during the lift.

Overall benefit: Develops the biceps, a muscle important for carrying objects when arms are bent at a 90-degree angle.

Muscle involved: Forearm flexors (biceps brachii, brachialis)
Military Press


Grasp the bar with hand shoulder-width apart, arms down, and palm toward the body. Raise the bar to shoulder height, and then press hands straight up above body.

Overall benefit: Develops the shoulder area, and firms back of arm.

Muscle involved: Arm adductors (deltoid, supraspinatus), forearm extensor (triceps).


Leg Squats A partner places the bar on the shoulders behind the head. Squat down so That the legs are at a 90-degree angle (to a bench), and then stand back up.

Overall benefit: Develops the front of the thigh, giving better strength for Climbing stairs and hills, bicycling, and kicking in various sports. The Buttock muscles are also firmed.

Muscle involved: Knee extensors (quadriceps-rectus femoris and vastus lateralis, medialis, and intermedius, thigh extensors (gluteus maximus)

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