Mediator Release Testing in Sports Medicine

Mediator Release Testing in Sports Medicine

August 31, 2015

For a number of years, the MRT assay has been quietly coming into more and more frequent use within the collegiate and professional athlete populations. The University of Miami Hurricanes, for example, have used this methodology to optimize diet and eliminate performance robbing symptomology in athletes with GI and "headache" symptoms, as well as common global symptoms. The head trainer of the Miami Hurricanes is a LEAP Program "patient" as well due to specfic symptoms that were relieved by this approach to diet modification.

LEAP has been officially endorsed by the University of Miami Hurricanes, and the University works with Oxford as needed to support their work to continuously evolve and improve upon methodologies used.

In addition, the MRT test method has been widely used to modify diets of professional athletes, including NFL players for several years. Dietary programs, plans, and recommendations are based on the MRT results. As of this date it is nearly impossible to watch an NFL game on any given Sunday and not see MRT test subjects on the field. A number of them, have discussed the specific benefits of their dietary modifications in the media. Other athletes that have seen benefit from MRT and the LEAP program include golfers, runners, cyclists, as well as others.

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