August 31, 2015

   To be eaten for extra energy, not for a meal replacement

All natural(have no added vitamins or minerals):

Clif Nectar Bar, Peak Energy, Perfect 10, Clif Nectar, Clif Mojo, Lara Bar, Optimum, TrailMix HoneyBar, Odwalla Bar, PowerBar Nut Naturals, Honey Stinger Bars, Kashi BarsReNew Life Organic Energy Bar, Allerenergy
Bar, KIND, Red Square PowerFlax bars. ProBar, Stinger Waffle, Good Greens, Zing, Perfect 10, NRG Bar, Gnu Bars, Raw Revolution Bars, Pure Bars

Caffeine-containing: Peak Energy Plus

Dairy-free: Allerenergy Bar, Clif Builder's Bar, Clif Nectar, Good Greens, Lara Bar, Olympic Granola Bar, Perfect 10, Pure Fit

Gluten-free: Allerenergy Bar, Bora Bora bars, Bumble Bar, Elev8Me, EnvirKids Rice Cereal Bar; EB Whey Performance Protein Bars, Extend Bar,First Endurance EFS Bar, Good Greens, GoMarco Bar, Hammer Bar, Lara Bars, Omega Smart Bars, Perfect 10, Perfectly Simple Bar, PURE Bar, ReNew Life Organic Energy Bar, SoyJoy, Think5 Bar, Wings of Nature Bar, Zing Bar

Fiber, low: Balance Bar, Pria Bar

Fiber, high: Gnu Flavor & Fiber Bar, Kashi GoLean Crunchy Protein & Fiber Bar, Fiber One Chewy Bar

Fructose-free: JayBar

Granola-type bars: Fig Newtons, Nutri-Grain Bar, Nature Valley Granola Bar, PowerBar Harvest, Quaker Chewy Bars

Kosher:Extend Bar, Lara Bar, Pure Fit, ReNew Life Organic Energy Bar


Organic: Clif Bar, NRG-Bar, PURE Bar. Red Square PowerFlax bars


Peanut-free: Allerenergy bars, Lara Bar (has other nuts), Soy Rocks

Protein Bar (Your choice of soy, whey, egg, or blended protein source): Atkins Advantage, Clif Builder's Bar, EAS Myoplex Delux, High 5 Protein Bar, Honey Stinger Protein Bar, Maximuscle Promax Meal, PowerBar ProteinPlus, Tri-O-Plex, Detour Bar, USN Pure Protein

Raw: PURE bar, Raw Revolution Bar, Vega Whole Food Raw Energy Bar

Recovery bar(4:1 carb:pro ratio): PowerBar Performance

Soy-free: Bumble Bars, Clif Nectar, Kind bars, Larabar, NRG-Bar (CHECK), Organic Food Bar, Perfect 10 Natural Energy, Raw Revolution, Vega Nutrition Bars, Zing

Vegan: Clif Builder's Bar, Good Greens, Hammer Bar, Lara Bar, NRG-Bar, Perfect 10, Pure Fit, ReNew Life Organic Energy Bar, Red Square PowerFlax bars (check flavors), Vega Whole Food Raw Energy Bar, SoyJoy

Women's bars(fewer calories; soy, calcium, iron and folic acid): Amino Vital Fit, Balance Oasis, Luna Bar, PowerBar Pria

40-30-30 Bars: Balance Bar, ZonePerfect

Vitamin & protein-pumped candy bar: Detour Bar, Marathon Bar

Wheat-free but may not be gluten-free: Bonk Breakers, Clif Builder's Bar, Clif Nectar,NRG-bar, Odwalla Bar,Olympic Granola Bar, Zing


(List compiled from Nancy Clark's Sports Nutrition Guidebook)

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