Six Supernutrients: That Can Transform Your Health

Six Supernutrients: That Can Transform Your Health

August 31, 2015

Imagine sustained energy… a flawless memory… perfect vision and hearing… and the physical endurance of someone half your age—all as you reach fifty, sixty, seventy and beyond.

This may sound like an unreachable fantasy. But there’s no rule that says your health has to fall apart once you reach middle age—especially not when a carefully chosen combination of the right phytonutrients can provide you with comprehensive protection against all of the most common pitfalls of aging …and add years of vitality onto your life in the process.

Take turmeric, for example: This is the spice that gives curry its kick—but it’s also a clinically proven antioxidant powerhouse. Turmeric—and more specifically its primary constituent curcumin—has been tested with great success against of number of inflammation-related conditions, including psoriasis, chronic pancreatitis, inflammatory bowel and eye diseases plus rheumatoid arthritis.1

Green tea is another powerful life-extending nutrient—rich in a number of health-promoting polyphenols, including the powerful antioxidant epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG). Extensive research shows that, among other benefits, green tea can help to balance blood sugar and insulin levels, fight inflammation, protect against stroke-related brain damage and increase cognitive function plus help to prevent atherosclerosis resulting from elevated LDL cholesterol.2-8

Grape seed extract is a good source of a class of phytochemicals called proanthocyanidins and has emerged as another key anti-aging staple. Studies show that this antioxidant compound can support healthy blood pressure and cholesterol levels, reduce plaque-causing lipid peroxidation, inhibit clot-forming platelet aggregation and reduce inflammation.9-11 Other notable benefits of grape seed supplementation include accelerating wound healing and supporting skin health.12-13

As the most popular staple of the “French paradox”—that is, the phenomenon of low rates of coronary artery disease paired with a diet rich in saturated fat—there seems to be no limit to the health benefits of red wine… especially where your heart is concerned. Not only is it packed with both polyphenols and stilbenes—powerful antioxidants that can raise “good” cholesterol and protect against artery damage--- it’s also rich in the anti-aging compound resveratrol. Research shows that resveratrol can mimic the beneficial effects of caloric restriction—including improved heart function and bone density, better motor function, delayed cataracts and longer lifespan—without strict dieting.14-19

Your liver is your body’s filter, responsible for pushing out damaging toxins on a daily basis—so keeping this organ in perfect shape is another crucial aspect of longevity. Luckily, numerous clinical trials offer compelling modern-day support for the historical use of milk thistle—and more specifically, its main constituent silymarin—for this very purpose. Research shows that daily silymarin supplementation can improve recovery time dramatically in patients with acute hepatitis, cirrhosis, and other forms of liver disease—while additional studies indicate that it can help to maintain healthy blood sugar and offer critical protection against damaging UV radiation.20-23

Finally, the last few decades have seen the ancient herb Ginkgo biloba emerge as a superstar in the supplement world—most notably for its clinically proven benefits to nerve and cognitive health. Extensive research shows that it can increase blood flow to the brain, reduce memory deficit in Alzheimer’s patients and boost vision. 

(From Vitamin Research Products website)


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