Energy/Snack Bars

Energy/Snack Bars

August 03, 2015


  • Cliff Bars and mini Cliff Bars
  • Cliff Nectar Bars
  • Cliff Z Bars (good for kids)
  • Gnu Bars (high fiber)
  • Honey Bars
  • Kashi TLC Bars (good fiber, moderate protein)
  • Keri Bars
  • Kind
  • Lara Bars
  • Luna Bars
  • Nature Valley Simple Nut
  • Odwalla Bars
  • Perfect 10 Bars (dried fruit and nuts)
  • Pure
  • Think Thin Protein Nut
  • Two Moms in the Raw
  • You Bars (you make them yourself
  • Zing Bars


  • Gluten-free Bars: Perfect 10, Elev8Me, Hammer Bar, EnvirKids Rice Cereal Bar; Omega Smart Bars, Extend Bar, Bumble Bar.ReNew Life Organic Energy Bar, Think5 Bar, Allerenergy Bar, GoMarco Bar, some Lara bars-gluten free

    Wheat-free but not gluten-free: Clif Nectar, Clif Builder’s Bar, Odwalla Bar


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